Ordered my ear piece and received it two days later. Very fast shipping and good reliable products. Going on 3 years in law enforcement and haven't had to replace anything but the ear piece and that's only bc I didn't like the ear bud anymore.

Shawn D, Great Products and Service

CQB Modular Kenwood Baofeng CQB-Mod-K Close Quarters Battle Airsoft for 2-pin Kenwood Baofeng/Puxing Radios

Affordable Modular Lightweight 'Behind the Head' Headset with noise cancelling Boom Microphone and 2-pin connector for Baofeng/Puxing Radios

Our Price: $98.00

Assault-K Tactical Throat Mic for Kenwood/Baofeng Radios

AFFORDABLE FBI style Tactical Throat Microphone. Compatible with 2-pin Kenwood/Baofeng/Puxing two-way radios.

Our Price: $95.00
Investigator-QD-M3 Patrol Kit Microphone for Motorola Two-Way Radio

Acoustic Two Wire Mic with Quick Release connector  and M3 adapter.

Our Price: $98.00

Sherlock QD-M3 single-wire Lapel Microphone Quick Disconnect for Motorola XTS / EF Johnson Radios

Acoustic Single Wire Microphone with Quick Release and M3 Adapter.

Our Price: $98.00

Silent Jr 3.5 BK Pack Earpiece with 14" Coiled Cord clear acoustic tube Listen-Only for 2-way radios

Acoustic Tube Earpiece with 14" cord and 3.5 mm threaded connector.

Our Price: $49.00
Signal 21-K Public Safety Speaker Microphones with 3.5 mm port Kenwood

Public Safety Speaker Microphone for Kenwood Radios.

Our Price: $49.00


DesertFox Airsoft Communications Setup

DesertFox breaks it down with Code Red Headsets Signal 21 and
Tango Jr Earpiece.

Load out:

Signal 21 Speaker Mic

Tango Jr Earpiece

Boafeng UV-5R Plus