Customer Reviews

Battle Zero Tactical Bone Conduction Headset
Headset is really amazing!

Lightweight, clear sounds, even the level of transmitting is great. No need to give to much effort. Way much better that the throat mic that I was previously using. You guys rock! I got the item delivered even though I am in the Philippines!


Works well - comfortable

Headset works very well, and the earpiece is comfortable to wear for several hours at a time.


Assault Mod Throat Mic
Throat mic

Code red has great gear for the Airsoft community. On top of that, their customer service is absolutely second to none. They went way beyond to help me out. I will be purchasing from code red again without a doubt.

Moosh M.

Assault Pro
Great choice

I recently purchased the code red head set throat mic. After trying a few other ones, I must say, code red is the best throat I had ever tried. It very comfortable, & my dispatcher can hear me clearly. The eat piece fit completely in my ear, & does not come out, like the one I used to have. I’m satisfied with the great choice I made with code red throat mic. I wish I would found them earlier, before I brought the other ones.

Vincent C.

Assault Pro
Excellent tactical headset

I feel years ago I purchased the first gen tactical throat mic headset. I do have to say I was a little skeptical when it came to throat mics from prior experiences with different companies. I will say this I have worn my throat mic for almost 4 years now 5 to 6 days weeks 10 to 12 hour shifts. I can tell you it took me a few days to get use to wearing something around my neck after the second day I completely forgot I was wearing my throat mic. Excellent voice quality while talking in outrageously high volume areas. Excellent for low volume tactical situations you can communicate with your team with a simple whisper and the will copy you lima Charlie. My overall experience with this product has been completely satisfactory. I am writing this review because I will am in need of a replacement due to an unfortunate event at work. I was so please with the quality an duration if the product that I am willing to spend the money on a brand new system.

Robert C.

Awesome headset!

High quality and tangle free. This headset is worth every penny.

Moosh M.

Assault Pro
Great customer service

I purchased the Assault Mod Waterproof Tactical Throat Mic. Unfortunately it did not work well for me. However, their customer service was excellent and I was able to return the headset with no problems. I think that due to the scaring on my neck from neck surgery, it interfered with the mic, and that was the reason that it did not work for me.

Mike B.

Clear and Comfortable

I ordered these direct with Code Red as the European outlet was out of stock, so to have received them in just 10 days was brilliant. I was umm'ing and r'ing on if to get the bone conductive ones with or without the mic, in the end I went with the ones without the mic. I am truly shocked at how clear my teammates can hear me that I believe I may be able to get away with just whispering, as I use these for Airsoft not having anything inside my ears allows for better detection of people around me. All in all an amazing product that I'm sure my teammates will soon be looking at getting as well.

Ashley S.

Worth it.

It didn't fit perfect but it was pretty close. I could hear clearly out of both ears and I could hear my team.

Christopher B.

Thank you

Has great sound and long cord.

Seth S.

Clear and Comfortable

I had purchased the Silent Jr. 2.5mm cord as that was what was specified for my radio. When it arrived in the mail, it was actually the incorrect adapter. I emailed the company and received a reply with an hour. The employee was very knowledgeable and was able to help. He went out of his way and found out my radio actually needed a 3.5mm. He informed me right away and sent me the replacement part. By far some of the best customer service I have ever received.

Kyle S.

Signal 21
Finally a great product

Ordered this mic after reading and studying numerous other speaker mics. I don't use these everyday or anything, but when I do use them, I like for them to work properly. These mics do just that. Fantastic audio from the speaker itself and from the outgoing audio with the mic. I didn't rely on reports from others. I set it all up here at the house on multiple radios and listened to them myself. The mic audio is as good if not better than Motorola commercial grade mics. A little pricey, but you definitely get what you pay for. Thanks for a great product.


Investigator QD
Works great!

It arrived in 3 days, and it works great. Very good value.


Investigator QD
The Best!

Great equipment my unit loves it.

Jesus B.

Investigator QD
Sleek, Dependable, Nothing compares

Transmits and receives clear precise audio. Only way to hear transmissions in a loud area. Small and easily accessible. Never gets in the way and is always there when you need it.

Investigator QD
Works great!

It arrived in 3 days, and it works great. Very good value.


Investigator QD
The Best!

Great equipment my unit loves it.

Jesus B.

Investigator QD
Sleek, Dependable, Nothing compares

Transmits and receives clear precise audio. Only way to hear transmissions in a loud area. Small and easily accessible. Never gets in the way and is always there when you need it.

CRH Sport GS
Better that I expected

I bought these for myself and to see if they were something I may be able to sell to my customers that have BT capable 2 way radios. I have put them through the paces. Testing resting battery life, continual use battery life, pairing, range, external noise levels, and audio output. I have worn them in the office, the car, the house, to lunch, and even on my motorcycle.

They have worked flawlessly. With enough volume for all but the noisiest situations. I was able to hear my music clearly on the motorcycle until the wind noise in my ears overrode the audio. That was about 75mph. I put in ear plugs and problem solved. Using them to make phone calls no one was able to tell I wasn't talking to them on the phone itself. I will be getting more.

Jack C.

Great Product

After listening to some of the trials and tribulations other deputies had undergone in their search for a quality, inexpensive earpiece for our Motorola XTS5000 radios, I decided to do some research online before I committed to spending any money. There are plenty of cheap earpieces out there but I also wanted something that worked well for me. After 20 years as a firearms instructor I am a bit hard of hearing so I wanted an earpiece that didn't compromise my ability to hear what was going on around me.

I found Code Red on Amazon, but I went to the company website to get a better idea of how their product was different. It sounded like it was exactly what I was looking for, and the price was very reasonable (better than I found on Amazon). I've been wearing it now for a month and I couldn't be happier with the earpiece. Great job and thank you Code Red!

Darrel W.

Signal 21-K Speaker Mic For Kenwood Is Excellent

I purchased the codeRED HEADSETS Signal 21-K Speaker Mic to replace the factory Speaker Mic I bought for my BaoeFeng BF-F8HP HT radio that produced garbled audio from the microphone. The codeRED HEADSETS folks ensured the Signal 21-K would fit my inexpensive "non-Kenwood" BaoFeng HT radio before they shipped it to me.

The packaging was excellent and it arrived on time. The audio quality of the speaker is significantly better than the speaker on the BaoFeng radio itself. My first use of the Signal 21-K Speaker Mic's microphone demonstrated that the audio received on the other end believed I was speaking on a much more expensive mobile radio instead of my tiny BaoFeng HT. The codeRED HEADSETS team rates "Excellent" in customer service and the Signal 21-K Speaker Mic is an awesome upgrade to inexpensive HT radios. I highly recommend both!

Robbert B.

AS the Title states - Comfort EEZ inserts

Wearing these for any length of time - they are just that comfortable & Easy to insert into the ear. Great product

Frank B.

New style harness - Fit and form great

This was new style harness as the length of this was more for a petite female or a male of under the height of 5' 8". Make sure you measure. Great harness- good clarity and comfort. Highly recommend.

Frank B.

Different Material, Won't Stay In Ear

This earpiece feels as if it is made from a different type of material as compared to the pink colored one. It is foam-like and not at all "grippy." I can't get this to stay in my ear because it just won't stick to my skin. Very irritating. I gave up on using it, so a waste of $8.


No Problems

This is a replacement earpiece. So far no problems other than the high price.


OK, Fit Around Top of Ear Is Off

Purchased this to replace a clear eartube after it began to discolor. The crimp that fits around the top of my ear is too narrow so I'm having problems getting it to sit correctly and stay over my ear. No other issues.


Just like Christmas!

Everything was exactly like described.

Noah G.

High quality and works well

I use this in combination with a hand mic for my baofeng because i don't like headsets but still needed to keep others from hearing my radio. This peice stays comfortably secured to the ear and provides clear audio without distorting my voice going into the hand microphone. The peice also does not fall off when running or moving around a lot.

James G.

Fantastic headset!!

I'm part of a red team and needed a headset that could handle infantry field training but wasn't extremely expensive like a peltor or msa sordin. I've tried a few cheap things from amazon and ebay but they always fell apart or just didn't work. It doesn't offer any hearing protection but we are just shooting 5.56 blanks so no big deal. My team (most of whom didn't have headsets) could still hear me clearly when whispering. The headset stayed in place though running, jumping, sliding, rolling, and crawling though the woods. I never used my ACH, but I think it would work just fine with it.


Its ok

It's ok the ear tube is hard to hear and the cord is a little short not meant for tall people also it hard to put the cord threw my uniform ear peace hole.

Clear, light, and comfortable

These were a great purchase. The sound quality is great, the adjustable positions make it very comfortable to wear. I wore it for 8 hours straight yesterday, and almost forgot they were there. Couldn't have asked for a better product.


Great headset

Very high quality and it works great! The loop that runs behind the head is a little large but doesn't impede the quality are the use. Truly amazing technology that
Code Red made available at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality.

Thomas Gattuso

Works Well!

Great unit, got to use them this past weekend on an airsoft trip. Sound is great gets very loud which is nice when you have goggle fans and stuff running. Only gripe is it gets uncomfortable on my ear. I might just need to break it in a bit more, but over all great addition to my airsoft rig.


Works well just broke easily

Headset worked well but broke after maybe the 20th time used taken off my head an arm snapped rather easily I must say. Out of warranty after almost 2yrs so would say it isnt long enough, see how the 2nd one goes.

Tony M.

Wireless Lapel Microphoe

It's nice not to have to worry about disconnecting everytime I want to use the restroom. I have noticed some feedback or distortion that sounds like static when walking. I wish the battery life was just a tad bit longer, it just makes it through my 10-hour shift if left one continuously.

Shaleana B.

Quick Release Wirelsee Adapter

Works like the rest of the quick releases. I like this as it will allow me to attach a two wire if I am going to be out in the field longer that 10 hours. I don't have to worry about disconnecting anything, it's just ready to awitch from wireless to wired.

Shaleana B.

Code Red Headsets
Great products and service

Ordered my ear piece and received it two days later. Very fast shipping and good reliable products. Going on 3 years in law enforcement and haven't had to replace anything but the ear piece and that's only bc I didn't like the ear bud anymore.

Shawn D.

Great product

Came with everything I needed. Awesome product.

Tanner K.

Outstanding Customer Service

I was having connectivity issues with my mic set and PTT button. I contacted the folks down in Shipping and they treated me like family. Erica was truly concerned and remembered me even from a previous order almost a year ago. I depend on this product to work and to work well. She treated it as such also! Thank you Erica and the folks over at shipping. Got my mic set fixed promptly and sent back within a week or so.

Steve A.

Best Solution for Paintball

We use the Headset to Play Paintball. We love the fact, that you can hear a clear radio signal even though you can still hear what is going on around you. The handling is easy, the quality is good and the shippement to europe is perfect. I can definitely recommend it.


Throat mic

The mic is decent I think my problems arise more with my radio but it stays in place well and picks up sound decently. After a few hours of running, climbing and falling it eventually started to wiggle and adjust (I have a small neck) and started to bother my skin slightly but overall it worked rather well.

Cody L.

Tactical bone conduction headset for Kenwood

The material quality and manufacture of the headset was great.

The sound quality was fantastic,brtter than I thought it would be.

The microphone is were this really falls short. First the headset comes with very minimal instructions on how to place or use the bone induction set. Second if your off the sweet point even by a few millimeter your communication sounds like your talking through a water filled can.

The last issue with this set is the headband or retention system to keep in on your head. For one I have a long and narrow head so the over the ear knoch doesn't sit right and grinds the back of my ear if I want to have the bone sensors over a sweet spot. Through standard and practical weapon transitions and field movement I find the bone sensors move to where I can no longer communicate clearly.

Over all I think with a few tweaks and changes this could be a perfect system for individuals that don't like having items covering their ears or in front of their mouth.

Nicholas J.