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When every second matters, Firefighters and Public Safety rely on clear communications when first responding to an emergency. Firefighters require durable and rugged two way radio accessories that has to be water, wind, dust and impact resistant. Code Red Headsets has been providing Fire Departments and Public Safety for over 20 years by providing reliable communications accessories.

    Many First Repsonders use our products in the field such as:

  • Fire Fighters
  • Emergency Medical Professionals
  • Paramedics
  • Search and Rescue Teams
  • Life Guards
  • EMT

As a Firefighter myself the TBCH-Pro fit right behind my mask not causing any interference or issues, and my comms are much better after you advising me that the band bends to make a tighter fit. Dispatch and others on the scene can hear me clearer making this an excellent alternative from a mic. This is an outstanding piece of equipment for the Motorola APX7000

Fire Chief Review / TBCH Pro S/R

Hot Shot Waterproof Speaker Microphone

The Hot Shot waterproof speaker microphone has been manufactured using the highest quality specifications to be water, wind dust and impact resistant. The radio connector cord includes a strand of Kevlar® to insure durability and reliability. IP67 rated for water resistance.The heavy-duty strain relief means longer service and less down time. This speaker microphone is made to withstand all types of use; public safety and wild land firefighters.


Heavy duty MODULAR tactical binaural bone conduction headset. Dual bone conduction temple speakers to send and receive. It features a large robust push-to-talk that is easy to operate.

  • Extra PTT button you can mount externally on your finger or weapon.
  • Nexus connector to easily disconnect the headset from the PTT/Downlead.
  • Modular design provides flexible mounting options.
  • Radio connector cords can be easily replaced if radio model changes.
  • Has Kevlar reinforced cables to guarantee reliability.
  • It can be worn with a mask and helmet.
  • Ideal for Fire teams.
  • One year warranty.