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The Law Enforcement industry requires reliable communications on the field. Police Officers rely on two-way radio accessories that are durable and clear throughout different environments. Code Red Headsets has been providing the Law Enforcement Industry for over 19 years. Our products can withstand harsh environments and situations while retaining clear audio and accessibility.

    Many Law Enforcement personnel use our products in the field such as:

  • Police Officers
  • Surveillance Teams / Detectives
  • SWAT
  • Military Police
  • Correctional Officers
  • Security Teams

Signal 21 Speaker Microphone

When police officers are in need of quality radio communications, the Signal 21 microphone has been manufactured using the highest quality specifications to be water, wind dust and impact resistant.This speaker microphone is made to withstand all types of use; public safety and SWAT, Military Police and Correctional Officers.

  • Heavy-duty strain relief means longer service and less down time.
  • Kevlar reinforced cable guarantees reliability.
  • Fits in the palm of your hand.
  • Covered 3.5 mm audio jack allows private conversations to be diverted to your ear.
  • Lightweight at only 3.6 ounces.
  • IP 54 Rating

Silent Listen Only Earpiece

A listen only earpiece, like the ”Code Red Silent”, is an often demanded accessory for law enforcement. By diverting the audio from the shoulder speaker to the inner ear, it allows for stealthy communication.

Comes with a Bonus Pack of earpiece accessories. The Silent Earpiece has field replaceable components.

For any application, from stake outs to calling in warrants during a traffic stop, you have to keep your location and intel private.

Customer Testimonials

Everything is absolutely perfect, like always when dealing with your company. We updated some equipment that was 10 years old and had been used for 5 years in law enforcement and for 5 years in the oil industry. It was still functional but the casing on the cord had cracked in one spot from carrying it in a pocket. Your product is amazing. Thank you for what you guys do.

Customer Service
Davin, Chief of Police, Kansas

I was on the fence about ordering this product, I was looking at several other brands. The reviews I read on this site swayed my decision and I am glad it did. I am a road supervisor, we recently went to load-bearing vests and I was tired of wrapping my mic cord around my gear. This setup is great, wires are hidden, I like the rubber around the PTT button and I am using my custom-molded earpiece. The mic is very clear, I don't have to shout into it like my old Motorola mic and it is very clear. No issues so far, I would recommend this for law enforcement.

Investigator Two-Wire Microphone
John , GA

Best, most comfortable ear gels I've used on patrol. Each gel lasts 3-4 months and I do a weekly light clean with warm water and a paper towel. More expensive than Amazon products but definitely
worth it.

Clear Earmold
W. Kirchgessner, IL